When hard work pays off.

When hard work pays off.

Fall is always an exciting time for us at VPR. Like everyone else, we'll miss the beach days and summer Fridays but there’s something about the crispness of the back to school season that revs us up. This fall is no different - if anything it’s even more exciting than ever since September 2016 officially marks the launch our new partnership with Points Group. Points Group is an award-winning consulting and marketing company with offices in New Jersey, Florida, Germany, and The United Arab Emirates.

Points Group solely focuses on the healthcare industry and provides a broad range of services from marketing (SEO, web design, referral marketing, blogging, media buying, etc.) to consulting (patient experience improvements, growth strategy development mergers and acquisitions and operations improvements, to name a few) - under one roof and managed by one team. They didn’t have a PR department, which is where VPR comes in.

We are just giddy over this partnership for a number of reasons.

First, we are proud of ourselves. We worked hard. We persevered. We created lives that we wanted to live. We did work that we believed in. And someone noticed. Then they made an offer. Then we made a counteroffer. And despite fear of the unknown, and the fear that we weren’t good enough, we marched into this new world and met and exceeded expectations.

Secondly, we believe this partnership is an example of PR and marketing done better. In our industry, as in most, there are many hurdles and (we feel) far too few solutions. Yes, social media has forever changed the way publicists and other marketers do business. It’s also true that the media landscape barely resembles what it looked like merely five (two!) years ago. And it’s easy to become discouraged - we know, because we have. But despite those hurdles and the many changes we all have had to keep up with, we are passionate about PR. We love the magic of it, and the practice of it, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to make killer public relations services more widely available to dental and medical practices here in NYC and beyond. Although our practice area has expanded since 2009 (we cover all brands that fall into the beauty/health category), our mission is the same. The only difference is that we are now a better agency because of what Victory Public Relations and Points Group is together.

Lastly, we are thrilled to work with such a smart, talented, driven team. At VPR we believe that a rich career is one in which education is ongoing and in the short time we’ve worked with them, we’ve learned so much from our new colleagues at Points. We’re thankful for this next chapter in VPR’s book and are excited to see what the future holds.

Happy Fall!