Every day we perform media monitoring here at VPR.

The object is to share noteworthy articles that we believe in some way are relevant to our work. Usually these stories are aspirational - they were written or produced by someone (or an outlet) we'd like to develop a relationship with, or perhaps they are on a topic that is within our clients' area of expertise. Sometimes they are stories we worked on. Inevitably we become obsessed with a few stories each week and wind up talking about them over and over again. We believe that media monitoring is an essential part of any publicists' day-to-day and an important part of our ongoing educational process. 

So, we decided to highlight a few of our favorite stories here on the blog. 

  • We love Leandra Medine and pay attention to just about everything that comes from The Manrepeller. Here she spoke openly and honestly about her take on Botox and we read it appreciatively - especially since we rep plastic surgeons and dermatologists. 
  • This is another combo of some of our favorites. In this case, PR Couture and podcasts. We'll be listening to them all.
  • Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere is someone else we've admired for a long time. This post is a rare discussion of some of the medical issues many of our clients discuss - specifically how to cope with anxiety - and we read it with great interest.
  • This gem comes from one of our newest clients, Jenn of Neurotic Mommy. We have followed her Instagram (where she has almost 600k followers!!) since long before we actually had the honor of working with her and you'll know why when you check this recipe out. Peanut Butter Brownie Bars. Vegan. It's the freakin weekend!! 
  • We're getting ready to publish this on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend and feeling SO ready for the unofficial start of the summer. Before we get this party started, it's nice to remember what exactly Memorial Day is all about. This piece on Time.com reminds us.